Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sri Ayutthaya..Authentic Thai Cuisine

This is my last session for 'makan-makan' during this Ramadhan month before going back to my hometown tonite....just plan on de spot and no proper invitation to other friends coz I know some of them already leaving Kuala Lumpur to their's quite buzy for some people including me during last weekend..I hate to be in the place which is very crowded with people but this is the phenomena of Aidilfitri..hard to the end, I didnt get anything on my hand especially for my Baju Kurung...we decide to go back to USJ and breaking fast first before continue our more into a window shopping on that tired i am...fuhhhhhhhh...

Straight to USJ the location of Sri Ayutthaya Restaurant in just located in residential may be not dont worry about the parking...I enjoy my dining experience was very spacious restaurant with a beautiful ambience according to their original style and culture of Thailand...the service also good and the waiters/waitress are very attentive to don worry again..if u are used to be first time here and dont know what the best menu to order..they will help u...overall..the food that suggested by them definitely not disappointing's enjoy the foods with me..hahaa..act i want to write more bout this but it seem don have enough time for me to blogging anymore....

Mango Honey Lemon

Lychee Young Coconut

Fried Asparagus Thai Style

Deep Fried Fish Rayong Style

Lotus Chicken in small size

Serve with steam rice which the aroma of this Siamese Rice was really good...
dont be shocked coz it's price is RM3.90 per plate..only a plain rice..hehehe


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