Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Selingan : Health Pointe 2.0 Program - Part 2

One of de famous and attractive program provided by us is Weight Management for Life...

This program is very exciting and amazing because it is a proven healthy weight management concept in a simple & easy way ...and originally from US...we want to spread out among Malaysian who really care about her/his health...

Let's see the fact about this program...

1) Proven for 20 years

2) No Hunger or cravings

3)Eat real food, not "meal replacement"

4)Learn to eat the right foods and have good eating habits

5)Snack all day to accelerate metabolism which leads to weight loss

6)Body undergoes metabolic adjustment to maintain new weight

7)1-on-1 coaching to guide every step of the way

8)Safe, rapid and long-lasting results

For Full Package, we provide you :-

1) Material Guideline ex: CD
2)Coaching by proffessional experienced trainer
3)Complete Tools ex: Weight Scale, Food Scale n etc...

Dont worry about the price because it's still a reasonable price that we offer to you..
So just sit together first...and we show you how the program work...no need to mess up ur mind about the money...the important part is we want to deliver a right fact about dis program...and then it is up to u to decide the best for yourself....

May Improve :-

* Hyperpigmentation
* Thyroid Disease
* Infertility
* Diabetes Status
* High Blood Pressure
* Osteoarthritis
* Hormone Challenges

@ Bounce out of bed in the morning?
@ Have more energy?
@ Lose and maintain weight?
@ Look younger and feel great?
@ Reduce the risk of modern lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and much more...?
@ Enjoy a long & healthy life...?

If your answer is
YES..do contact me yeah..:)...sorry cause i can't simply reveal my handset number via my blog...I don't want irresponsible person out there play around with me..^_^

Do contact me via my email, either huda_gurl84@yahoo.com or faridahhuda84@gmail.com, then i will try to reply or to contact u as soon as possible...if u are interested to see how's dis program work...i will set the appointment with you...we meet up somewhere and start to share everything about Health Pointe 2.0 Program


Anonymous said...

kena set date ngan aku..


Cik Faridah Huda said...

boleh...nanti ang promote kat MTD na.....hahhaa

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