Thursday, November 27, 2008

Movie Time On Cinema...

I went to watch 2 movies this's gonna be 3 including the Antoo Fighter sooner..keh..keh.. interested to watch "Selamat Pagi Cinta"..but i get an objection from my buddy..y??They don't want to watch a Malay movie in snobbish huh!!They already got a nightmares when watched a Malay Movie entitled Anak...may be it's not good like others...i never watched that movie till now...hurmh...back to my interest..i also dunno why i got an instinct to watch Selamat Pagi Cinta..just really want to watch that movie because i think it's a sad love story..if i got a chance..i'll buy the DVD because nobody want to accompany to cinema for this sort of movie....huhuhu

First movie i enjoyed watching is
The Coffin, the horror movie base on the true story of Thai ritual. Referred to as “Non Leong Sadorcro”, which literally means “lie in coffin, free of back luck”, this ritual has been around in Thailand for decades. It is believed that by lying in a coffin with death rites performed on the participants, they will feel as if they are reborn after the ritual, with all the bad lucks put behind them.It's not a scary movie at all but sometime the scenes could get me in shocked.Just need my tudung to cover my eyes to reduce my frightened while watching.The conclusion that i can made for this story is never disturb the wheel of karma, nor trying to reverse it. Everything has a reasoning. What you get is what you seed. So, live your life to the fullest every single day!

The second one is ahak..ahak..ahak.. Madagascar : Escape To Africa...full of laughs..really to hear Gloria said "Moto-moto"..The real laughs are with the insane penguins, who crash-landed with the others and are using chimpanzee labor to repair the plane..

Madagascar : Escape 2 Africa begins with retelling of how a young cub Alex ended up in New York.Alex's father, Zuba (voiced by the late Bernie Mac), is the alpha lion of an animal reserve in Africa.He is trying to teach his son how be a fighter. Fittingly, Alex is more inclined to dance, perform and entertain, in which makes him famous at the zoo.During an effectively exciting but too brief chase by Zuba, Alex's crate falls off the hunters' truck into a river and floats to New York, where is adopted by the zoo.

In Madagascar, the group of insane Penguins try to repair a crashed plane with wood and twine. After completed the task
in term of repairing the plane, they invite Alex and company to fly to North America but unfortunately, the fligh doesn't quite make it to North America but succeeds in crashing on the African Mainland.While the penguins fix the plane with the help of a soon-to-be unionized workforce of chimpanzees, Alex and company end up in the very place ruled by Alex's dad. The central story is for Alex to be reunited with his family and then be accepted for who he is, which is an entertainer and not a fighter. Alex and his dad solve the water crisis caused by drought and then Alex become a leader to his childhood land.All animals live happily ever after and the best thing is, Gloria and Melman married at the end of the story...hehehehe

I like to move it..move it...he like to move it..move it...they like to move it..move it...we like to move it..move it......


n a e m a t u l i s m a i l said... sudah tgk SPC.. agak best,,, tp as usual..malay muvee.. a little bit slow.. ngee... jln cerita agak kelakar sbbnye mcm xlogik.. my opinion le.. yg best sbb ade cat farish yg wat lawak mcm bersahaja...

Cik Faridah Huda said...

isk...nie yg rse nk tgk nie..
kawan akan yg dah tgk Antoo Fighter kate cite tuh x bes...mula nak berperang ngan my buddy yg lg sorg lg tuh..Antoo Fighter or SPC???huh....

n a e m a t u l i s m a i l said...

hihi.. antoo fighter lom tgk lg.. mcm kelakar jek.. mesti lwk yg bodoh dia agak suam2 kan
ngee... SPC pn not bad la.. tp sedih..akak tgk mesti akak lagi sedih..

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