Friday, May 21, 2010

Mango With Sticky Rice

Dropped by at Giant Bandar Puteri to buy some stuff...and lucky me..there was a Mini Thai Expo over there..craving for sticky rice lately...actually,really want to eat sticky rice with durians..but it hard to get why not just give a try..replace it with mango rite????? hehehe

A very sweet treat you'll absolutely love! In Northern Thailand and North-eastern Thailand..sticky rice is a staple, it a must!!!....dis Thai dish takes some time to prepare..but it's worth the wait..even in Northern Malaysia also famous with this dish...still remember my memory during my Industrial Training at Drainage and Irrigation Department, Alor Setar..dis department loves to have a "makan-makan" so often..owh I just think all the government sector always being like dis...full off food and fun..(",)....and one of the makan-makan must be with dis sweet Mango special brought from Perlis state which used to call it..Mangga Harum Manis!

And for sure, when Mango season in Northern...the best way to enjoy them is to pair the sweet fruit with sweet and salty coconut-milk sticky rice.....juz grabbed dis chance and I bought a tapau of it!...cost me around it expensive??? not sure with that coz I alwaiz buy something that I really want without any not a calculative person by de way...may be only for certain time..ahaks!!!!


♥naematulsaadahismail♥ said...


khairul said...

ni makanan org siam nie...utk chantekkan kulit hehehe....masa duk langkawi selalu gak makan ni tp mata akan layu kuyu lah pastu :)

Cik Faridah Huda said...

naem ~ lepas lah gian akak neh..tapi mmg sdp pun..pulut tuh nmpk cam leh recycle mkn ngan sambal ikan bilis plak lepas tu...p~

Khairul ~ Mek tak tau la pulak ia adelah petua tuk cantek kan kulit...

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