Friday, December 17, 2010

Hang Tuah's Well

Visiting Malacca Means Visiting Malaysia...please agree with my statement.. de way, the line already adopted by Malacca State as their tagline!
It is rich in cultural heritage and bears a several place of historical...
and for me, visiting Malacca is like a journey back in time to witness the adventures and discoveries during Malacca's golden age...

A day in Malacca was not gud enuf for u to explore everything about Malacca...
sure...!!! coz there are too many historical sites to visit that give u a glimpse of glorious Malacca's past....becoz we only had a limited time during our visit, we need to plan our journey...we just pick the most attractive/popular and the one which can be easily reached by us...

After had a warm-visit at Bandar Hilir and after take our lunch at Samudera Foodcourt, we decided to leave this place...Nothing special during my lunch time..the food wasnt good for me..Just enjoy a glass of sugarcane..fresshhhh and I like it most compare to a bowl of asam pedas.... It's really hott, and sugarcane being a complete partner to refresh me......crowded wif people as I mentioned before at my previous we need to avoid dis place as soon as possible.....We just leave Bandar Hilir by 3pm and headed to Jalan Bukit Katil for Hang Tuah's Well..

The Hang Tuah well is located in the town of his birthplace, Kampung Duyung and spent his childhood among four of his good friends who would later become the famous warriors of Malacca. ..According to folklore, the great man himself had dug the well for his own personal use...After he had passed away, it is said that the well has become the dwelling of his spirit, which took on the form of a white crocodile...It is also believed that the albino crocodile cannot be seen by just anyone, only the holy and the pure-hearted ever get the opportunity to catch a glimpse of it...the another version is, it also said the well contain of Hang Tuah's spirit and also in the form of white crocodile..same line of story and the key word is still the white we're may be not really kind-hearted and pure-hearted, so we're disable to see that spirit of the white crocodile..heheheheh...Mek is not good enuf..and her friends also!

Another mystical aspect to the Hang Tuah well is that its water remains clear even after all these years, which is said to never dry up, even during long periods of drought. ...the well water has healing power...The locals believe that the well’s water contains special healing properties, able to cure all sorts of ailments...It was also said that the well used to be much smaller in size originally, and that it had grown over time....and I still remember that my teacher said, take this water and wash ur face..yes..I did it!!! In my mind...i just hate my acnes and pimples sooo much and wanted to varnish all of them with the water from Hang Tuah's Well..dem! I was twelve in 1996....hehehe..

*No one said growing up was going to be easy and if u're female u may feel like it's extra tough going through puberty..have u forget ur experience during ur first period???? am nottt...huihuihui..and neverrrrrrr, like a history..i will tell my doter soon..hahaha*

Waddehel Mek yang ang mengarut di hujung entri ini!!! but for this time, Mek x basuh muka dah akibat sayang mek-up hilang...wahahahaha


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