Friday, December 10, 2010

Part 2 : Umbai Pernu Grilled Fish Village

A trip to Malacca would be incomplete without committing this one of the seven deadly sins, gluttony..and am talking to none other than doing it at any restaurants along the coastline of Umbai...It's seafood galore! We had our dinner here...I got to know about this place through food blogger..and most of them said please try grilled fish at Parameswara let's go and give a try...seems i donno how to get there, I need google map to assist me..just a quick review from me den i kept them in my memory....hopefully we can find a siratulmustaqim to Umbai!
This place is out of Malacca already and it is a district of Jasin....just estimate the duration, more or less 20-30 minutes we will reach there from city centre...and my estimation absolutely trueeeee! hehehehhe...

There are many stall here and we choose the one that was that facing the sea and also the most crowded..yeah..that's Parameswera Restaurant..shitttt..i miss to have that signboard pixca with me right now...but nevermind, i will update soon...Over here, you can pick up your own seafood and they will give you a few choices on how they will be cooking likes black pepper, sweet and sour, fried, grilled and etc.....I was quite shocked when the boy asked me..."Vitamin tak nak kakak???" ....vitamin...what's vitamin, blurr!!!! he laughed at me then said..."Sayur apa kakak nak pesan..saya cadangkan Kangkong Belacan"...owh that's vitamin stand for.....hahahhah..."Nope, just give me a fried Kailan with salted fish"...owh before i forget to jot down, as you walk by the stalls, they kept wow you and try to get you try in their for me, its look very similar and no different with each other..which one is better...i donno..but felt a little bit pity when saw a restaurant with lack of people to dine in...most of patrons were heading to Parameswara....

U can choose either to have ur dining experience on the floating boat, under the roof or open air first, we choose to be on the floating boat..but, need to change the experience...hahha...
the floating boat make us feel dizzy and want to vomit....cant imagine how's our condition if still being there to had our dinner...finally, when saw the weather first..we choose to be at open air table...the friendly workers will help you to find a table that suit u well.....

Lots of menu....and the talkative boy also assist you to place your order...
He is funny! believe me...hehehhe

Seafood Counter
I think choosing a raw seafood is as equally exciting as eating it cooked, as much as a journey to a destination..ihik!
Displayed in front of your eyes is a different types of fishes and seashells and other seafood fare..just pick the one you want to have some....

As for 3 of us, I choose a Sea-bass , Stingray, fresh Prawns and Fried Kailan with Salted Fish..

The queue is still in the long line!
And more and more patrons came over to have their seafood fare at Umbai...
Service quite fast here despite that the place was so crowded...Price definitely very reasonable even some rumors say that we can find another place which can offer less than them!

The grilled fish has become quite a popular Malacca cuisine among both locals and foreigner..Although there are many place in Melaka where ikan bakar can be found, there is no other place quite as popular as Umbai where this delicacy is concerned...their specialty is the restaurant served Nasi Lemak to eat with grilled fish! Yeah..i cant get it at another place except Umbai..

But to be truth, i missed to have that!
I prefer to have a plain rice..may be we had nothing since am feel bloating if i've picked Nasi Lemak as a main's okay..i will come back to have nasi lemak with grilled fish soon...hehehe

Cam-whoring nearby as waiting for our menu to be on table!

Finally, they come! here is what we ordered...
Refreshing Watermelon juice, Soursop juice and Lychee!

Grilled Stringray..I've made a wrong order..huhuhuh...
prefer the one with chillies pour into it...but I said to that boy..plain grilled stingray!
please remind me to say Spicy Grilled Stingray at another time if u with me.....hehehe
A fish is fresh but a little bit burn out..soooo juicy and lemak-berkrim!!!!
the worst's plain and a bit dry...need sambal to give a good combination to taste!

Butter prawns..super duper lovely!
Great....absolutely yummylicious and it's finger licking good
please try urself when u get there...sweet fresh prawns!
9 prawns for RM 23.50..really nice coz the freshness of the prawns..

Black pepper Seabass (Siakap 3 Rasa)..the must order menu when u step in!
For me, the chef was stingy with the sauce...too dry and we need extra sauce..
the taste was good but am prefer the one at Bagan Lalang...lots of stuff and the seabass deeply swim in the sauce compare to this..hehehe

Sambal and ayer asam!

Received our vitamin a little bit lateeeeeeeeeeeeeee than others..
Not overcooked and still fresh but i need to find by my own for salted fish..
where are u? are u hiding from my glare...huh..lack of taste for my taste bud..

Left nothing! hehehe....
Is it delicious or we're damn hungry??????
i think both!!!!

After had ur meal and paid the bill, u also can spend ur money to handy-craft stalls as a souvenir for ur visit!
and take it as a point to walkaways and enjoy a leisurely walk around the village to enjoy the cool breeze of saltwater and capturing the beautiful images of fisherman's boats..represent Westi as a model of the nite..actually, all of us had a same pose n view for de bored when just 3!!!! Need more clique to join us.....

and all I could think after the satisfying dinner was sleeping and quiet environment when we're in the car....errrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, Alhamdulillah!!!!!!!!

Worth for money..worth for tummy!!!!!!
and chance to get together with friends is more priceless..

Heading to Jonker Street for a real street food in Malacca after this..yippieeeee! Stay tuned....(^_^)


Anonymous said...

kedai parameswara ni sama jgk kedai yg i p dgn parents 1 smgu b4 u p..hahhaha

Anonymous said...

lupa lak tulis nama.. Yg benar Kak ekin

Anonymous said...

so..ape pendapatan ande?

bagi je kot...
mungkin sebab dier pamos jadi ramai org nak pi...hehehe

-empunya belog-

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